Affirmation to Your Success and The Law of Attraction

Affirmation is one of the ways to make your subconscious mind realizing what you want. Apart from visualization, affirmation is a powerful tool that you can use to achieve your goals. By visualization, you can have your subconscious mind attract the circumstances and attributes into your life by the law of attraction. By affirmation with intense feeling, you reinforce powerful beliefs that support your actions toward goals achievement. In this article, we will talk about the characteristics of affirmation and how you can make use of it.


In order to gain its power, every working affirmation needs to have three characteristics. There are three P in the formula. When you have these three P, your affirmation will work efficiently. Without them, you will not be successful with the affirmation. The three P include:

Your affirmation need to be for yourself. It can not be for any other person. It has to have the word “I” as the center of the meaning. Here are some examples of the affirmation:
“Everyday and in every way, I feel better and better”. “I weigh seventy Kilograms.” “I feel terrific.” “I like myself.”

You can not say negative sentence like “I am not smoking anymore.” The subconscious mind can not receive negative message. You need to use positive sentence. In this example, you can use “I am non-smoker.” Or “I eat only healthy, nutritious food.” It is essential to know that only positive sentences work. Otherwise, you will waste time incanting what that does not work.

Present tense
The affirmation can not be in future tense which most people like to use. Although, the fact is that we can not achieve what we want at this moment, we need to pretend that it is already materialized right here, right now in front of our eyes. For example, if we aim for a new car within a couple of months, we will not say “I will have a new Mercedez in November.” Instead, we should say “I have a new Mercedez.” Or we can say “I earn one hundred thousand dollars a year.” Make an affirmation in a present tense is the right way to make what you want happens.

Apart from the three P, you need to know that affirmation alone does not work well without intense emotion onto it. Tony Robbins called the affirmation with high intensity of emotion plus the movement in the physical body “incantation”. It is like we incant out loud in our heart and soul. The combination of the three will make our mind totally believe that our goals have already been accomplished in front of us. Whatever we believe with intense emotion, it will become our reality. Therefore, think of your posture when you make each affirmation. Feel the certainty that it will happen, it will unavoidably happen.

You can do visualization separately from your affirmation. Visualization will help enhancing the power of the law of attraction since it is the direct communication to your subconscious mind. Take around five to fifteen minutes to do the affirmation daily. Take another thirty minutes to visualize. Take massive actions. What you aim for will not be far away.

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