Am I a Psychic? (This May Change Your Mind)

Who else would love to increase, enhance or improve your natural intuition? Think you need to be a well known psychic or medium to communicate with the dead, or have incredibly prophetic and precognitive dreams? Or what about learning to read minds, or pick the emotions and energy of other people around you? Would you love to be able to read auras, or even remember your past lives without expensive spiritual gurus or having to buy into any new age nonsense?

The truth is, we are ALL deeply psychic and intuitive at our very core, and connected to each other and the universe in ways that require just a little bit of practice to perfect.

Curious but not convinced?

Let’s start with 3 really common experiences that may tell you just how naturally intuitive, and spiritually aware you already are.

1 – Do you feel the energies and emotions of people around you very strongly? The truth is, this MAY be the most overlooked psychic “sign” that there is, and in my experience, it’s the most powerful predictor of how intuitive you may already be. EMPATHY, is something that comes very naturally for some of us, and is something that not only can be cultivated through intention and attention, the word EMPATH is actually a derivation of this very word as well. The more you can cultivate an attitude and intention to be caring and compassionate, the more connected you will become to the inner experiences of others as well – period.

2 – Have you ever had a spiritually transformative experience like an NDE or OBE or after death communication? (often called ADC’s) The truth is, these types of experiences are not only FAR more common than you may believe, they are gateway experiences into more powerful and profound abilities that you can build on after you’ve had a glimmer or glimpse of spiritual truth. For example, what man y people DON’T realize is that people who have a near death experience often come back feeling much more intuitive, psychic and spiritual, and there have even been recent studies showing that they’re bodies, and brains are different thereafter as well.

3 – How about precognitive dreams or common psychic sensations or feelings like déjà vu, jamais vu, or a sense of inner knowing that you KNOW in your blood and bones are genuine? I know many people who have powerful and prophetic precognitive dreams, or who are visited by loved ones who have crossed over on a nightly basis. My own psychic experiences began with extraordinary adventures cultivatedMy through specific mediation techniques, and thereafter… My curiosity opened a wide and wonderful world into the magic, mystery and meaning of the invisible world around us all.

The key is to say YES to all of these experiences when they happen to you, and let the universe reveal the spiritual secrets (and dimensions) that are often a lot closer than most of us know!

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