Aura Cleansing

What is Aura?
The aura is an energy field emanating from chakra’s glow surrounding our physical body. On the other hand I can say your aura is a vibration of you, your thoughts, your emotions and your memories. It contains all the information about you.

Shape of the Aura
The aura usually is shaped like an egg but sometimes there are some congested or depleted parts. There are some reasons for distort an aura like:

  • The unshaped part can be related to the closest chakra. For example when someone’s third eye chakra is licking the energy, his/her aura around his/her head is very congested. A blocked chakra can make a depleted part.
  • A physical illness like a cancer or tumor. The shape of aura around these parts is very congested while a hand/leg cut can make a depleted part.
  • The other reason could be an unpleasant memory. Every incident (good/bad) records in our energetic system. When we record a bad memory, it is associated with its negative energy. If we would have stored lots of sadness and grief with a memory, this can make a congested part in our aura.
  • Any emotional problem like depression, anxiety, fear
  • Psychic level, a person with high spiritual power has a bigger Aura

Color of Aura
Each color of the aura has a precise meaning, indicating a precise emotional state.Briefly:

  • Red: anger, unforgiveness and sometimes anxiety – Relates to basic chakra
  • Orange: excitement. Lots of energy – Relates to navel chakra
  • Yellow: awakening, creative and easy-going – Relates to solar plexus chakra
  • Green: It is a very healthy color. Growth and balance and health- Relates to heart chakra
  • Blue: Cool, calm and relax- Relates to throat chakra
  • Violet: Psychic power, Intuitive- Relates to crown chakra
  • White: Purity and truth

These colors can help the healers to assess your current emotional/mental/physical level. The size and the shape of our aura are not permanent. Shape, color, Brightness levels… of our aura differs by our living situations, Physical health, age… Simply you can change the size and the color of your aura for good by:

  • Meditation
  • Wearing Light-colored clothing
  • Exercise
  • Taking salt water bath

Aura Cleansing
Cleansing your aura will remove the dark energies that surround it, allowing positivity flow into your life. An unclean aura will prevent you from having a fulfilling life. Aura cleansing is a process of:

  • Reshape the aura if there is any distortion
  • Cleansing the aura from negative energy
  • Energizing Aura with positive energy
  • Make lasting changes

Aura cleansing can be done with hand and/or crystal. Your aura is very important, and if you have a lifetime worth of accumulated negativity, your best bet is to let someone who specializes in aura cleansing handle the task for you. It’s impossible to avoid all things that have a negative impact on our aura but simply it is possible to clear our aura regularly.

Once you have undergone an aura cleansing, you will probably be shocked at the unexpected impact it has on multiple facets of your life. You will probably feel happier, lighter, and just better all around. Another benefit of aura cleansing can be preventing disease.

Negativity in our aura for prolonged time can have a permanent effect on your physical body.Therefore, in order to maintain the long-term health and functionality of your aura, it is recommended that you make aura cleansing a part of your regular routine, and have a professional aura cleansing performed at least every three to four months; perhaps even more often if you feel as though you need to.

What happens during an Aura Cleansing Session?
If you are wondering what happens to a person during an aura cleansing session, here is a clearer insight of the things which normally occurs during an aura cleansing session

  1. Putting you into trance: I put my clients into trance for aura cleansing for 2 reasons: First:Hypnosis is a natural and wonderful way to release any negativity. Secondly, When someone is in trance, he/she is more receptive to his/her healer. Being receptive is one of the most important factors for energy healing.
  2. Reshape the aura if there is any distortion
  3. Cleansing the aura from negative energy
  4. Energizing Aura with positive energy
  5. Make lasting changes
  6. Waking you up from trance