Bad Dreams – How to Understand Them in 4 Easy Steps

Are you having a series of bad dreams you want to understand? Bad dreams can leave you feeling off balance after a night of sleep. Usually a bad dream has taken up a huge amount of your energy so when you do get out of it, everything about it feels absolutely real as if it just happened.

bad dreams

It’s hard to ignore an experience like that, especially if it’s an unpleasant one which is the case with bad dreams. A lot of people let their bad create more fear inside of themselves. The more fear you have the more crippled you feel.

Bad dreams can be a good thing in that they are a warning sign that something is happening in your life which is not working for you.

Here are 4 Steps Which Will Help You Understand Your Bad Dreams Fast

  1. The first thing you want to do is to acknowledge the dream. Don’t run away from it and most definitely don’t dismiss it as just a dream. Everything happening in your dreams is a mirror of what is happening in your personal life.
  2. Look at what the dream is trying to show you from an outsider’s point of view. Get out of the experience. Let go of any personal attachment you have to it.
  3. Now ask yourself what is the theme of this dream? What is the main point? Is it a dream about health? Is it about you finances or something to do with someone in your life? Again looking at it from an outsider’s point of view what is it mainly about?
  4. Now that you have a clear theme of what the dream is about; ask yourself how is that theme playing out in your life. Is there anything happening in your present life which has is deal with this same issue?

Your dreams good or bad are always about you and what is happening in and around you. So if your dreams are bothering you in some way absolutely don’t ignore them. Bad dreams need to be dealt with.

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