Growth Stage of Spiritual Development – To Help You Acquire Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Awakening

When we are leading a normal life, we are also making spiritual advancement. It is happening passively.

In the first stage of spiritual development, a person begins to think of scholars and spiritual leaders in the world order to come into this world? What is your moral duty to his family, civilization, other forms of life and the environment? In the first phase of spiritual awakening, a practical person to be free from evil, and many thoughts of attachment and selfishness..

As a person in spiritual awakening, he realizes the oneness of God created the earth as a spiritual center for the advancement of right action and spiritual growth, with the ultimate goal of union with God. At this stage of growth of law, the person realizes that all will be judged by their actions and success and failure in achieving the goal of spiritual progress..

He saw active physical life with the desire for good karma thoughts and manages the natural way of life, the moral right to awaken the wisdom of the Interior. This makes the taste of different kinds of desires in your subconscious mind to different subjects and objects. Wish decisions approved by the divine karma seeds and manages the life cycle of life. This is the first stage of a spiritual awakening, when a person begins to think ahead in this world with spiritual growth?

How to live happy man fashion is considered the spiritual growth? How to awaken the spiritual wisdom of the inner life? The person who raised the idea of moral duty, human rights activist and aware that the thinking process is a continuous process and the truth of stationary, infinite and formless God can not be known with the wisdom of thinking and its spiritual awakening!

Second stage of spiritual awakening is a genuine person who has the spiritual awakening of the spiritual wisdom of the Interior that the thinking process is a continuous process and the inner truth of spiritual awakening can not know with the wisdom of thought! With the wisdom of the procedure, a real person, aware of the many forms of structure and beauty that are created and decorated colored dresses!

This view considers the spiritual nature of the different types of physical life that live in different lifestyles!

With the spiritual wisdom of the Interior, the number of characters in the world where land and labor in karma and many lessons to learn! With the spiritual wisdom of the Interior, made the conscience of many prophets of suns, all worlds are made and the earth! With the wisdom of many prisoners, aware of the truth of Buddha, yoga teachers and many followers of God as formless shapes!

With the spiritual wisdom of the Interior, the consciousness of many real angels and demons, many scholars, and the silence of the oceans are many jewels! Evaluation of the spiritual wisdom of the Interior, has no limits of consciousness! It is really unlimited

Third stage of spiritual awakening is a pious person who becomes a powerful spiritual humility in understanding the language. of God without form This person is beautiful and pure and pious! The pious person is always absorbed in the profound silence of thought and conscience. spiritual person, being absorbed in listening to the pure language of silence sings and who believe in pure consciousness and love for God’s knowledge of the forms without form.

He incomparable beauty of physical life to arrive early, it’s amazing! Everyone in the area of humility in the awareness sings the silence of pure consciousness, can not describe in words. Here the wisdom, knowledge and experience of calm can be pronounced in every language of silence sings.

The language of physical life in the third stage of spiritual awakening is an expression of pure consciousness, which lacks the greed, fear, attachment and arrogance, memory of thought, conscience and wisdom of consciousness. All have experience in samadhi! A person with humility, aware that the created world is endless and subtle and can be tested by an individual life. A person with humility in the awareness agrees to live with the silence that sings of pure consciousness and pure love which is conscious of the skeleton in God without form

Fourth and final stage of spiritual awakening is a pious person who becomes powerful in the spiritual awakening life cycle. Here the person with spiritual enlightenment is totally immersed in the purity of silence sings in the consciousness of karma. Silence means silence sings to silence freedom of thought and freedom of conscience thought process of mind.

This stage of spiritual awakening is pure nectar of the purity of the sphere of karma in the knowledge that the accounts of karma to be kept alive! Here, the pure form of life with spiritual enlightenment, is completely filled with the essence of God.

Here, a myriad of duality of action and reaction of being immortal in all its majestic glory! In the fourth stage of spiritual awakening, the beauty of the purity of the immortal form of life can not be described in a language that is the sound of the earth! In the fourth stage of spiritual awakening, life in the lives of many people in many aspects of life in the world that are capable of living in God unformed!

They continue to drink the nectar of the purity of God to keep doing his immortal mortal! A true disciple of God saw the form of pure life, without happiness, while maintaining saturated the nectar of the purity of his conscience.

How to Use a Crystal Ball

Step 1. Preparation

Most people find crystal ball gazing is easiest in a quiet, dimly lit room. Many people like to have candles burning. For some the reflections of the flames help to summon images – others find them a distraction. Burning incence is common and some people like to have soothing music playing gently in the background.The important thing to remember is that you are creating an atmosphere.

The important key when doing crystal ball gazing is that you must be relaxed and your mind must be clear. It is always best to perform a cleansing ritual followed by a protection ritual, and THEN begin your crystal ball work. Normally a cleansing ritual would be performed on night one.

The next night you would perform a protection ritual on yourself and within the room you intend on performing the crystal ball gazing. On the third night you can then be well prepared to use your crystal ball. Even though these rituals are not necessity, it is always wise to do them for maximum safety and best results.

When performing any form of scrying or divination you are summoning forth forces from the spirit realm. Normally these forces are closed off from this plane we live in unless otherwise disturbed such as through specific rituals such as crystal ball gazing and scrying. When you perform divination these forces can either aid you in bringing forth images of the future or other events, or attack you.

Evil spirits and negative influences can use your crystal ball, scrying mirror, ouija board, or pendulum a link for them to step through into this world. They can also use it as a means to drain energy from you as well. This is why it is always best to ensure proper cleansing and protection is prepared before hand.

Step 2. The Crystal Ball Gazing Method

Place the crystal ball on a table in front of you. Many crystal balls you can buy come with their own stand. If you don’t have a crystal ball stand you might like to use a small cushion or a silk handkerchief purchased and reserved specially for this purpose.

To amplify your crystal ball gazing, you can use a gemstone sphere as a compliment to the crystal ball. Simply having a gemstone sphere resting next the crystal ball can augment your diving two fold.

Sit down and relax. Lay your hands gently on the ball for a minute or two in order to energise it and strengthen your psychic rapport. Whilst holding the crystal ball, think about the purpose of this scrying session. If appropriate try to visualise the subject of your question. Some people like to ask the question out loud, others prefer to internalise it.

Now, remove your hands from the crystal. Look into the crystal, stare deeply. Allow your eyes to relax and become slightly unfocused. After a little while you should see a mist or smoke forming in the crystal. Let this mist grow and fill the ball, then visualise it gradually clearing to reveal images within the crystal.

The images you see might not be what you expected. That’s OK, don’t fight them. Your subconscious mind knows what information you need. Many people find that when they first begin to use a crystal ball, the images have nothing to do with what they focus on.

This is because your mind is not yet adjusted at being able to grasp and focus on the energies being past from your subconscious into the crystal ball itself. Think of the mental energies going from your mind to the crystal ball as a funnel. The base or “tip” of the funnel is your subconscious energies and that energy is being directed upwards towards your conscious mind which is the mid point of the funnel. The conscious part of the mind that receives the subconscious energy then “spills” it into the crystal ball to form those images from the subconscious, which would be the mouth of the funnel.

Since divination uses both the subsconscious and conscious part of the mind at the same time it can be rather difficult to concentrate on both at once. Your subconscious is where the energy is stemming from. It passes it upwards to your conscious which is needed to act on that energy into the crystal ball. Without the conscious mind you would be in more of a deep meditated state and your eyes would not be able to consciously focus or input the images within the crystal ball.

As noted, it is perfectly OK that the first couple times you divine with a crystal ball the images are not related to what it is you want. The fact you are able to see ANYTHING in the crystal ball is showing progress.

The more you work with the crystal ball, the better you will get at being able to see exactly what it is you want to see by manipulating your subconscious energies to your conscious energies, and then to the crystal ball. Either way, just let the images flow, changing and taking you wherever they choose to go. Don’t try to rationalise now, time for that later.

Step 3. Closing The Crystal Ball Session

Let the images slowly fade back into the crystal ball. Don’t just stop the session suddenly, instead reverse the process you used at the beginning. Visualise the mists coming back and covering the images, then receding to return the ball to its natural state.

Thank your crystal ball and put it away carefully wrapped within a dark cloth is best as dark cloth keeps the energies of the ball contained within it and prevents it from leaking out.

It is also always best to ensure you cleanse your crystal ball. A good, fast, and simple way of doing this is to simply light a sage smudge stick and or sage incense and move the ball around the smoke before you place it back for storage. Another quick and easy way to cleanse your crystal ball would be to give it a dip in salt water for roughly one minute. You do not want to soak it too long in salt as it can damage and ruin the crystal ball.

How Can You Tell If You Are Going Through A Consciousness Shift?

We hear all about this Consciousness Shift that’s happening, but how can you tell if it’s happening to you?

People like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie had very marked transformations. They each literally woke up one morning and each found their ego had dissolved.

And, you know, they’re famous people. They have best selling books. They’ve been on Oprah. So that must be what happens when you shift, right? No more pain, no more money worries, and you’re instantly enlightened.

That’s what happened to them. That’s what’s happened to some people. I talked to a woman in New England who’d had a similar experience, but lived a very quiet life afterwards.

It was a relief to connect with her. Because I was worried about turning into Byron Katie or Eckhart Tolle. I think it would be a pain in the ass to live with them. I can’t imagine staying married or having my kids around me, if I were questioning every thought or being constantly in the present moment.

Of course that’s the monkey mind ego talking. Because in reality, Byron Katie has a better relationship now with her adult children than when they were growing up. And has a loving relationship with her husband. Eckhart Tolle is also married (although I remember reading how he drove his wife crazy sorting out the recycling a piece at a time, when she just wanted to get it to the curb for pickup).

But the Consciousness Shift is different for everyone. It’s like being at a baseball game and the crowd does “the Wave”. People across the stadium start standing up, and it goes around the stands until it comes to you. Not everyone is standing up at once. And not everyone experiences it in the same way.

I’ve been evolving as Consciousness since 1974, consciously using techniques since 1981, and my language and experience has changed and expanded along the way. In 2006 I reached a tipping point, which propelled me into a new way of being.

Some people are finding themselves hyper sensitive, they’re feeling or sensing everyone around them. Some are having a hard time sleeping. Many feel uncomfortable and out of sorts with their old lives, and yet excited and impassioned about what seems to be awakening within.

A lawyer I know felt crazy because she wanted to quit her practice and be a Reiki Master.

A Christian who spent every Sunday in Church since childhood, left her community and discovered a deeper spirituality than she’d ever thought possible.

What happened to me is my old practice stopped working, my old belief system disintegrated. It was very disorienting, since I was very identified with my teachings. I was an energy expert, in techniques that have been around for thousands of years.

I’ve successfully “upgraded” those original techniques, and found new ways to navigate. I had to learn to bypass my intellect, and be improvisational, responding to whatever shows up in the moment.

In the past few years my empathy has gone through the roof. I sense family members who live 3,000 and 6,000 miles away. I know when someone has read an email I’ve sent. And that’s just with people who are still alive.

Ten years ago when I had a stint as a phone psychic, I developed clairvoyant techniques for talking with dead people. However what I experience now is kinesthetic, I’ll feel them waft through me. And visual, usually symbolic reminders that they’re around, although recently I’m actually detecting thought forms. Which might be more about time and space breaking down for me than actually connecting with the being in it’s deceased non-physical form.

The newest experience for me is noticing gridlines. Not vertical like in the movie the Matrix, but horizontal, and sparkly, superimposed over physical reality.

The other day I was having a challenging time, taking someone recently diagnosed with dementia to a support group. It was bringing up memories of doing the same thing for my mother, although this situation and this person is completely different. Experiences like this have been coming up recently and they’re an opportunity to be in present time, and release past energy.

When I was in the present moment, I would see these gridlines. When I sunk into my thoughts, they went away. Or, more accurately, I sunk into density and my ability to notice the gridlines went away. I’m choosing not to label or define it, I’m just noticing what is happening.

It’s a very subtle shift. And I suspect for everyone, their expansion into Consciousness on one hand is subtle but profound.

On the other hand, physical reality could be completely falling apart around you. That does tend to happen when we move to a new level. When you no longer match the density you’re in, reality reorganizes.

It’s less painful when you don’t resist the changes. It’s more graceful when you navigate it as Consciousness.

You don’t have to try to do anything to expand. It’s happening without any effort on your part. You just have to notice. And enjoy the ride.

What Are Free Psychic Chat Rooms?

Free psychic chat rooms are virtual meeting rooms, where you meet other users online and chat about psychic matters. The psychic mediums that are attached to the psychic chat room or psychic forum, can also chat and share their psychic abilities with the users.

Free psychic chat rooms offer live online psychic reading, free psychic email readings, telephone psychic readings and similar psychic readings. Free psychic chat rooms are most valuable in reducing peoples misunderstandings, prejudices and fears towards the true nature of authentic psychic readings.

The psychic websites introduces the beginner to the world of real psychic readings through the psychic power network. Live online psychic reading are done by a number of different psychics:

  • clairvoyants
  • psychics experts,
  • mediums
  • and spiritual teachers

The different kinds of psychics have various tools to support them in their readings, these include:

  • astrology,
  • tarot card reading,
  • crystal ball gazing,
  • numerology,
  • mediumship

These psychic mediums are gifted with first of all a highly evolved intuition but also a lot of other psychic abilities of extra sensory perception such as clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy and so on. They can give you a glimpse of the psychic possibilities in alleviating your suffering or solving other mental, emotional, spiritual or financial, relationship, property and business questions and problems. They often assist the police to trace criminals, murderers and stalkers with authentic psychic readings.

To become a member of psychic websites, all you have to do a register, for free, at the free psychic chat rooms and you are ready to get a live online psychic reading. The scope at psychic websites is enormous and you can discuss virtually any psychic matter.

You might like to learn about previous lives, life after death, angels, tarot meaning, psychic cards. You can also learn how to become a psychic medium, learn different psychic exercises to develop you own psychic abilities, so you can communicate with angels and spirits. Free psychic chat rooms can be a practice place, where those who wish to become a psychic can learn how to develop those skills.

In the free psychic chat rooms you will meet psychic masters, who you can approach to learn more. In the free psychic chat forums you can then practice what you have learns on the fellow users of the chat room or forum trying to answer their questions.

You might also want to try doing a live online psychic reading or free psychic email readings, just remember to state clearly that you are practicing your skills and that you are not yet a fully qualified psychic.

So, whether you are a horoscope junkie, who needs the daily horoscope to feel confident or you are the novice not yet familiar with all the different psychic possibilities, go ahead and join the psychic power network. Why not phone a psychic today?

Meet The Medium Who Helps Law Enforcement Solve The Unsolvable

Fionna Johansson never thought her psychic gifts would lead her to aid law enforcement, private investigators and the DA in solving cold cases. Johansson has been a practicing medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and holistic healer for over 25 years.

Her work with countless celebrities, corporations and individuals has led her to be known as the “Persian Medium” with over 1 million Instagram followers.

Fiona Johannson

Johansson explains the first time she first realized that she had a unique gift, “The first time I realized I had this gift was when it was validated by the people around me. While receiving messages or seeing images in my mind wasn’t something new to me, it wasn’t something I really understood.

However, this changed when I was around six years old. One evening, a family member of mine was at my grandmother’s home and when they were about to leave, I blurted out (as a child would) “No! Don’t go! There’s going to be an accident!” My grandmother was horrified and my family started to question why I would say something so terrible.

I was confused and didn’t know where the information was coming from, but I just said that I knew and to please not leave. My message was received as an overactive if not morbid imagination, and the guest left.

Shortly after, they were in an accident, although it was not anything major. This was the first memory I have of relaying one of these images to others around me and realizing that they may not just be figments of my imagination.”

Although she began receiving messages and information at a very young age, she did not start to publicly use her gift until early adulthood along with volunteering her time to solve cases in more recent years. The first case Johnsson every solved was during her time living in Stockholm. 

One of her neighbors had gone missing for a few days when she started to sense something went terribly wrong. “I went to the police so I could share with them the information I was picking up about the whereabouts of their body. Again, this kind of gift is inexplicable, but what I shared with the police allowed them to locate the woman’s body and essentially led to a charge and arrest of the perpetrator,” explains Johannson. 

Johannson has worked heavily with local, state and federal law enforcement to help solve mysterious disappearances, gruesome crimes, and cold cases. Due to law enforcement publicly using psychics to solve cases, the CIA conducted a study to legitimize how viable and valuable using mediums could be. Out of eleven officers at different police agencies interviewed, eight officers said using a psychic provided them with otherwise unknown information.

Three out of those eight officers found missing bodies through the use of a psychic. While it can be seen as a scam to use psychics in cases, Johansoon suggests to heavily research the individual and fact check with their previous clients before hiring them in your investigation.

Beyond her work as a medium, Johannson is co-writing a new book with Jack Canfield on personal success strategies. “The most energizing part of everything I do is being able to make someone overcome trauma and pain and realize their personal power.

I tell everyone, no matter who they are, that their potential is infinite – and I fully believe this with every bit of my heart and soul. I always tailor my work to be able to help someone understand that they can let go of hurt, of fear, of doubt, and to take claim to a life that they have written off as impossible which I hope to bring in my new book with Jack Canfield,” says Johannson.