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How to Easily Create A Clear Path Ahead

A number of years ago a friend who was very knowledgeable about Feng Shui told me that it is beneficial to have a picture of an open path hanging over my bed. She explained the idea behind the clear pathway…
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Spiritual Exercise

Spiritual Exercise is defined by the practice. There are physical spiritual exercises such as Yoga and Martial Arts. There are also mental stimulated exercises that are spiritual in nature. Some practices combine both the physical and mental as a spiritual…
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How Does One Contact Spirits?

So, how does one contact spirits anyway. Depending on our Spirituality and how we view things we might believe in contacting spirits. Usually those of us who believe that we can contact spirits also believe that there is life after…
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To The One Who Knows You And Loves You As You Are

The world may reject you and pretend it doesn’t know your name, but there is One who never rejects and will never forget your name, because He named you from eternity’s dawn. The world may think you’re weird and not…
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Feel With Your Heart

Did you know that when you want to live this way you are hearing what your very soul needs? When you are in a constant moment of enjoying the now a whole new sense will take over your body. It…
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Trust That If God Called You He Will Use You

It’s always a fear held irrationally, that if God has called you yet then ceases in using you, what does that mean? Will He no longer use you? There are times in all our ministries for God when the brakes…
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Enlightenment: How to Think of It?

Spiritual traditions like Buddhism speak of enlightenment as promising a state of wisdom, happiness and freedom from the troubles we usually have to deal with in life. So what actually is enlightenment? How can we understand what the term means?…
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Engaging The Power Of God Through The Altar Of Prayer

Do you desire to see the power of God manifested in your life? God releases His power to whosoever is able to tap into it. The power of God makes a great difference between success and failure. This article declares…
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How Does One Know When God Is Speaking to Them?

This is a problem for many who cannot decide who is directing their lives. Watching a Pentecostal service in which the pastor called people to the front to receive the Spirit he had to constantly reinforce the message. While they…
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