Feel With Your Heart

Did you know that when you want to live this way you are hearing what your very soul needs? When you are in a constant moment of enjoying the now a whole new sense will take over your body. It is a peaceful feeling. A warmth that sneaks through the body like an angelic healing will begin somewhere deep within and move through every atom that makes up your physical being.

After reading this close your eyes. Imagine in silence a deep warmth. It should begin either in the lower spine or a couple of inches below the naval. Take in consideration the warm feeling moving up and down your body. That warmth makes each part of the body vibrate. The vibration touches the higher self, the part of you that doesn’t disappear with your body. You begin to feel almost a floating as the warmth touches you. Now close your eyes and imagine this for a just a few minutes. When you open your eyes, you will feel a little different, a little better, even if you are doing great.

Now move on your day like you know each of the moments you have are meant for you. Watch and observe silently. Enjoy learning what the days opportunities must offer you. Opportunities are problems, obstacles, things you need to overcome to become a better you. You may be the best human being in all the land and yet if you strive to do one more good thing, one more step to make the day better, you have achieved more than your soul could ever want. You become your whole, true self.

When we remember to do this daily, think of what can I do better. What is something else I can do to serve my fellow man. It could be a happy chat to a smile at someone who isn’t doing as well as you. Becoming a great human just takes a little bit of effort that you build into a habit so that you can achieve and learn the next part of your life. These experiences go on and on. Thinking about life this way will get you to continue striving, learning and acting in the best interest of others.

Service is the number one instrument that seems to come with the most successful human beings. How can we begin to live with each other and explore the greatest reaches of space, the deepest of oceans and the most inner reaches of the mind? We must live together and begin to move outward. Outward is the way to go because if you look at everything from the way a baby is formed to the way we are flying through space on the Earth space station a pattern emerges that outward is the way to go.

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