How Open Communication Creates a Healthy and Happy Marriage

The amounts of love that a married couple has for one another will not matter if there is no communication present in the marriage relationship. Communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. Studies have shown that the length of time that a marriage will last can be predicted by the communication that the couple has before the marriage relationship.

Every marriage can be enhanced and it can be turned around to a healthy relationship if the marriage is in danger. It takes work from both people, but it can be achieved. In any marriage relationship, problems are going to occur. There is no way to avoid differences of opinions due to the fact that both people involved have separate personalities and beliefs.

The truth is that the differences are not the problem, and they actually make a healthy relationship. On the other hand, how the couple resolves their differences is what could lead to an argument. In order to stay away from arguments in the marriage relationship, communication enables both people to understand each other.

Meaning that what you speak to your listener is received by them the same way that you intended it to be. This also means that your motives are understood and your body language is not misinterpreted, which is the basis for any marriage relationship. The way that you come across might also cause a conflict, and keep your marriage from being a healthy relationship.

Listen to the way that you converse with your spouse. For example, instead of saying “I thought you were going to take the trash out yesterday? “, should be rephrased with “Could you take the trash out for me?” This way, your spouse will not misinterpret what you are saying and they will hear it as a question instead of an order. The ending result is a healthy relationship and a happy marriage. Communication can also help both people in the marriage relationship know what each person expects from the partnership.

Even though you probably discussed these issues during the dating period, over time, people change as well as their expectations. Therefore, in order to have a healthy relationship you need to frequently discuss what you are expecting from each other. This might include certain affectionate actions that make you happy, financial details, or other topics. These topics should not lead to an argument in the marriage relationship, and as long as you both communicate effectively, you can help the partnership be a healthy relationship.

While this might sound like common sense, discussing what you have planned for the day or the week can help keep the lines of communication open and enhance the marriage relationship. This way, you can keep a healthy relationship since there are no misunderstandings as to what you have on your schedule, and the other person will not feel as if they have been left out. In addition to this, you can maintain your healthy relationship by talking about your personal goals for the week or any goals that you have for your marriage relationship.

You should think about the above information seriously in order to enhance your marriage relationship. All of the communication skills that you can both develop will lead to a wonderful and healthy relationship. Always remember that a marriage is only as successful as the quality of communication present.

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