How to Easily Create A Clear Path Ahead

A number of years ago a friend who was very knowledgeable about Feng Shui told me that it is beneficial to have a picture of an open path hanging over my bed. She explained the idea behind the clear pathway is that the mind relaxes and envisions a positive outcome that may be just out of sight.

This allows one to be open to the possibilities the infinite universe can manifest, rather than repeating past patterns. This little piece of advice has helped me at times when my mind wants to try and figure out a positive solution to a frustrating situation but, it gets stuck in the details or lacks knowledge about how a new positive result may come to pass.

Often in life, the infinite divine is much better at resolving issues than I could have ever conceived of. Recently, I was feeling a bit disheartened about being single for many years. I would look at happy couples and wonder if my romantic life would ever be alive again.

Then I remembered the feeling of peace and happiness that overcame me when I would see the picture of that beautiful clear path through the woods. Every time I focused on the tranquil scene, I felt content and hopeful. I stopped worrying about how I might find true love and be in a loving partnership, and instead shifted my mind to presence and peace. I trusted that the great infinite spirit of the universe wanted my path to love to be made easy and clear.

This positive visualization assisted me in relaxing and staying in today, while feeling hopeful about the future and not worrying about the outcome.

Then quite unexpectedly, one chilly morning in January as I was checking my email, I received a letter from an old college boyfriend. Forty-three years had passed since we dated.

His name is Mark and he wanted to reconnect and apologize for having broken up with me so many years ago. I was in such disbelief that he had found me after so much time had passed, that I read his email three times. I returned his email and invited him to talk if he wished.

Our first conversation was six hours long and we have chatted every day since that fateful moment when he reached out across time and space to reconnect with me. The infinite divine had answered my prayer in quite an unexpected way.

Mark has now moved to Hawaii from California and is my boyfriend and neighbor who lives one mile down the street. Our romance is blossoming and we both feel incredibly blessed. I never would have guessed that around the bend on my path such a sweet surprise lay in store for me.

I am reminded that trusting that life can bring unexpected gifts opens the door to opportunities beyond our wildest imagination and prevents us from repeating old patterns. I invite you to place a picture of a clear pathway over your bed and see what magic life has in store for you around the next bend.

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