How to Tell If Your Mate Is Possessed

The first thing that comes to mind for most people after hearing the words demonic possession is the Exorcist movie, Halloween, or perhaps your in-laws.

We understand the reluctance to embrace the concept of ghosts and dark energy.

Many years ago we were unsure about the notion of demonic energy, and particularly about it influencing human behavior.

Today, we believe it’s a real epidemic that makes life’s difficulties worse, and creates additional problems for countless unsuspecting people.

Our long-term investigations into the phenomenon along with direct experience show us that it’s real, even though you can’t physically see it or touch it.

First, people deny it, just like we did. Then they’re surprised to find out that realty doesn’t end with the mundane world; there exist other, unseen dimensions that are just as important. They discover that a whole range of entities exist on the unseen planes, from benevolent guides and angels to malevolent, evil demons (even worse than that horrible neighbor of yours). Eventually, they learn to protect themselves from dark entities.

One way dark energy terrorizes people is through a significant other. Although demonic possession isn’t as common as harboring lost souls, both are serious problems and the symptoms are similar, though much worse for demonic possession.

Below we list seven signs your mate may be possessed by demons.

1. Your mate ridicules and, or denies the concept. Embedded, hidden disembodied souls, or demonic entities easily sway a host’s thinking to that of cynic.

2. Drug use and, or excessive alcohol consumption is a strong sign your mate being influenced by sinister energies. Which comes first, the drug use and, or excessive alcohol consumption, or the possession? It depends on each individual case, but you can be sure that someone who is overdoing it on a regular basis is accumulating dark energy. Addicts can have hundreds of demons and lost souls, literal colonies, within their energy field, feeding off of them and not even know it. Some appear to be under the control of their unseen masters.

3. A person who hadn’t previously used drugs or alcohol suddenly imbibing heavily like there’s no tomorrow is a hint he or she has someone onboard.

Of course, we recognize that demonic possession may not be the root cause of bad habits and addiction, but our findings show it’s much more difficult to stay sober while hosting a non-stop party of dark energy in your energy field.

4. Demonic energy can be extremely persuasive, such as through voices in one’s head, simulated sensory impressions (e.g. tasting booze and sensing the high from it, even though you’ve never imbibed), or mistaking feelings for one’s own that encourage specific behavior. Subtle coercion by sinister entities is common and shouldn’t be mistaken for a guardian angel, for example. Guides of the Light only impart encouraging, uplifting, positive messages.

5. Volatile emotions and particularly intense anger is a strong sign your mate is struggling with demons. While we recognize that vitamin and mineral deficiencies, along with hormonal imbalances, for example, can also be the physical root cause of such symptoms, extreme emotions open the door to dark energy possession.

6. A sudden shift in sexual appetites can indicate that your significant other is hosting an invisible demon party. Dramatic decreased or increased sexual desire (apart from the result of boosting one’s health through natural means) is a strong clue.

7. Depression is common with people who are hosting demons and lost souls. Regular sunshine, avoiding sugar, drugs, and processed foods, and limiting alcohol, along with getting enough sleep, can help improve moods. Regular Spiritual Detox (which you can do yourself, at no cost) helps tremendously.

You can’t control what another person does, but at least you can protect yourself. If you’re feeling irritated or angry, beyond normal circumstances or for no good reason, reading a protection script (Spiritual Detox) can do wonders.

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