Meet The Medium Who Helps Law Enforcement Solve The Unsolvable

Fionna Johansson never thought her psychic gifts would lead her to aid law enforcement, private investigators and the DA in solving cold cases. Johansson has been a practicing medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and holistic healer for over 25 years.

Her work with countless celebrities, corporations and individuals has led her to be known as the “Persian Medium” with over 1 million Instagram followers.

Fiona Johannson

Johansson explains the first time she first realized that she had a unique gift, “The first time I realized I had this gift was when it was validated by the people around me. While receiving messages or seeing images in my mind wasn’t something new to me, it wasn’t something I really understood.

However, this changed when I was around six years old. One evening, a family member of mine was at my grandmother’s home and when they were about to leave, I blurted out (as a child would) “No! Don’t go! There’s going to be an accident!” My grandmother was horrified and my family started to question why I would say something so terrible.

I was confused and didn’t know where the information was coming from, but I just said that I knew and to please not leave. My message was received as an overactive if not morbid imagination, and the guest left.

Shortly after, they were in an accident, although it was not anything major. This was the first memory I have of relaying one of these images to others around me and realizing that they may not just be figments of my imagination.”

Although she began receiving messages and information at a very young age, she did not start to publicly use her gift until early adulthood along with volunteering her time to solve cases in more recent years. The first case Johnsson every solved was during her time living in Stockholm. 

One of her neighbors had gone missing for a few days when she started to sense something went terribly wrong. “I went to the police so I could share with them the information I was picking up about the whereabouts of their body. Again, this kind of gift is inexplicable, but what I shared with the police allowed them to locate the woman’s body and essentially led to a charge and arrest of the perpetrator,” explains Johannson. 

Johannson has worked heavily with local, state and federal law enforcement to help solve mysterious disappearances, gruesome crimes, and cold cases. Due to law enforcement publicly using psychics to solve cases, the CIA conducted a study to legitimize how viable and valuable using mediums could be. Out of eleven officers at different police agencies interviewed, eight officers said using a psychic provided them with otherwise unknown information.

Three out of those eight officers found missing bodies through the use of a psychic. While it can be seen as a scam to use psychics in cases, Johansoon suggests to heavily research the individual and fact check with their previous clients before hiring them in your investigation.

Beyond her work as a medium, Johannson is co-writing a new book with Jack Canfield on personal success strategies. “The most energizing part of everything I do is being able to make someone overcome trauma and pain and realize their personal power.

I tell everyone, no matter who they are, that their potential is infinite – and I fully believe this with every bit of my heart and soul. I always tailor my work to be able to help someone understand that they can let go of hurt, of fear, of doubt, and to take claim to a life that they have written off as impossible which I hope to bring in my new book with Jack Canfield,” says Johannson. 

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