Pet Communication and Pet Psychics

Have you ever communicated intuitively with your pet, or wondered if your pet has psychic abilities?

Stephen once took care of his mom’s cat, Tigger, and dog, Chloe, for two weeks. After Tigger’s dinner one evening, he appeared at Stephen’s bedroom door, stared at Stephen, and meowed softly. Stephen suddenly saw the image of the treat he forgot to give Tigger after his dinner. Was Tigger reminding Stephen in his cat language, through sound and images directed at Stephen? It seemed that way.

A few days later, Chloe walked up to where Stephen was sitting and stared at him. Stephen saw an image in his mind’s eye of the dog’s dinner. Chloe seemed to be communicating to Stephen that she wanted to eat, even though it wasn’t her dinnertime yet. Perhaps this is normal for animals, yet we don’t always pick up what they’re trying to tell us.

Pet psychics have become popular, but we were skeptical at first; what would a pet have to say, besides wanting more food or walks? The consensus among satisfied clients is that psychics can help with behavioral problems, identify illnesses, find lost animals, and communicate with pets that have crossed over.

One of our sisters consulted with a pet psychic for her dog and the reading surprised us:

“She (((The pet psychic… ))) had me bring a picture of Macy, with her eyes clearly visible, and a photo of our family. I was not skeptical at all based on what my neighbor told me about her. I didn’t give her any information about Macy at all. She told me how Macy interacts with each person in the family, and she was extremely accurate, to the point that I was laughing out loud. She told me that Macy likes her new name–she had no prior knowledge that we had changed it.

And she told me why Macy has difficulty dealing with other dogs, going all the way back to a rough litter-mate. Macy apparently thinks of herself as a Diva, because she thinks she has really cool stuff. She is very grateful that we adopted her, and she thinks of herself as one of my kids.” *

After hearing about her experience with the pet psychic, our other sister had a reading about her dog too:

“She was very specific… even down to a certain toy that Louie was looking for and couldn’t find. She confirmed for me that Louie does indeed have health problems (I suspected, but the vet has been unable to see his heart condition – at least without me paying for an expensive MRI), and she also was able to tell me what kind of pain he was in on a scale of 1-10. She told me that he doesn’t need long walks (it’s heard for him to breathe), and that he had already told me that he wanted a doggie sibling.

We wanted another dog, but I was worried that it may not be good for Louie. She also brought up that sometimes I can feel him staring at me from across the room when I’m in the middle of something. She said that he’s trying to tell me to stop the busyness, to slow down, and to be present. She said that he’s basically here for me (vs. anyone else in the family).

She was able to tell me a lot about Hayden ((her previous dog)) – that he was my protector and that a piece of my soul left with him. As long as she had a photo, she could tap into past and present animals. She also told me a lot about myself – not related to pets.”

At one time Stephen lived near our sister and her Weimaraner, Hayden, who she mentions above. He’d love it when Stephen took him to the park and they played fetch with the Frisbee. About five years later Stephen was living in a different city. One day he kept feeling like something was rubbing against his legs as he sat at his desk at home. He also sensed some energy moving around his home, like a lost soul but different.

Being preoccupied at the time, he wasn’t really paying attention to it, but since he was used to the annoyances of perceiving spiritual clutter, he directed it to the Light with Reiki and a tornado of white Light.

A few days later he heard that Hayden had died, and he realized that bundle of energy visiting him in his home was likely the spirit of Hayden. He was probably begging Stephen to take him to the park to play fetch, just like they used to.

*Our sisters or we don’t receive any type of compensation for mentioning the pet psychic above, but wanted to do so since our sisters gave her such glowing reviews.