Psychic Intuition

How you can improve your psychic intuition.

As the saying goes, always trust your gut. Certainly our lives would be a whole lot easier if we knew for sure that we could rely upon our intuition when making decisions. Unfortunately for most of us, it is often be difficult to tell the difference between wishful thinking and true psychic intuition.

Is there a way to tell the difference? Yes there is. You can learn how to boost your intuition to the point that it becomes perceptibly clear and dependable to you. Once this happens you will experience far less doubt and speculation when making decisions.

One of the most effective tools many psychics use to strengthen their intuitive skills is meditation. When done correctly meditation works because it helps us to filter out all of the noise created by our thoughts and emotions, allowing us tune into our true selves. The true self is where intuition comes from. If we can learn how to recognize what our true self may be saying to us, we will ultimately make much better decisions in our careers and personal relationships.

There are several forms of psychic meditation you can explore. It is important to remember though that whichever type of meditation you choose, the objective is to clear your mind so that you can connect to your true self. Two forms of meditation that work well for developing psychic intuition are Empty Mind and Breath Meditation.

Empty Mind Meditation is one of the more difficult forms of meditation, but also one of the most effective. To begin, find a comfortable place free of noise and other distractions. Sit crossed legged, in an upright position so that your spine is as straight as possible. Close your eyes and relax so a sense of peace comes over you. Focus on gently emptying your mind of all of thoughts and feelings as they arise. Not everyone can do this right away, but if you continue to practice you will eventually learn to connect with your true self.

Breath Meditation is done much in the same manner, but tends to be easier for beginners. To start, find a comfortable sitting position and take, slow, deep breaths with your eyes closed. Focus your thoughts on the natural rhythm of your breathing. If your mind wanders into thought, simply refocus on your breathing. The objective is to learn how to empty your mind of your thoughts and emotions.

There are a lot of great resources to learn about meditation as well. There are classes you can take, books you can read, and some great free resources online. Once you become proficient at meditation your ability to tune into your true self and what your psychic intuition is telling you will become much more reliable. In the end, you will be much better at trusting yourself to make wise decisions.

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