Trust That If God Called You He Will Use You

It’s always a fear held irrationally, that if God has called you yet then ceases in using you, what does that mean? Will He no longer use you?

There are times in all our ministries for God when the brakes are put on, and we’re called into a silence – so much worse when we’re not ready for such a moratorium – when the identity crisis we suffer is so fundamentally necessary, for it calls us to our dependence on ourselves and not God.

Pride increases friction at the pivot point when God’s use of us diminishes and we fear God’s call is over. Notice the coalescence between pride and fear. The latter is the manifestation of the former. Yet, fear is plainly pride’s revelation.

When God calls us, He uses us. He Who calls us never goes back on His Word.

Nobody used once is then put on the scrap heap. If He used you once, He will use you again. And even in the time of abeyance, watch, for that time of silence He is still speaking.

But there is still fear, perhaps. This is simply a sign that there is still too much dependence on ourselves. We needn’t feel vulnerable nor ashamed. It’s a journey we’re on. We needn’t be in any hurry to arrive, for God has assured us there is a time for everything.

It is important we keep the faith in what God spoke into our hearts long ago.

You did not get it wrong. He said it, alright. “The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it,” [1 Thessalonians 5:24] i.e. complete the work He started in you.

He who has called you continues to call, whether you hear His call or not. Stay faithful to His call.

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