What and Where Is Mount Zion?

The question most would want answered is whether or not Mount Zion is a real place and then what and where is it? Although it is mentioned in the bible a few times the location is not given. It is something that religious leaders avoid mentioning probably because of the vague references to it. Some, however, are anxious to know because they are the spiritual children of God who have been called to it.

“In the last days… the mountain of the house of God shall appear in the top of the mountains… and people will flow unto it.” Micah 4:1

There is little doubt that we are in the end times as the earth is in crisis and humanity is at odds about stopping pollution and destroying nature. In the biblical sense a mountain is a place of teaching or an institution. That’s why Jesus Christ supposedly taught the sermons described in the New Testament on mountains

Arising in the last few years has been the highest teaching mountain ever. It is the Internet and as the Spirit promise it would speak to the whole world in the last days then this is the medium to allow that to happen. All people are flowing to it for information and communication.

Through the world wide web there is no one to stop publication of things given by God. There are no companies who can censor the material as they would if they were responsible for getting out there. The chief perpetrators of such censorship would be the religious bodies but they have no say and are the ones the Spirit is aiming to destroy.

It is the spiritual people of God, however, who are benefiting most from the resources it has at hand. They can verify the evidence given about the roots of faith and make up their minds what they want to believe.

So Mount Zion is a place of establishing the truth and it is overriding the lies of religion and dismissing the false gods of their worship. Those who are spiritual will hear the voice speaking to them within and calling them to listen to the knowledge of modern times.

My reincarnation is evidence that heaven and hell are myths and weapons used by religious leaders to entrap people into their beliefs. As no such places exist they lose all credibility and their days are numbered.

“Therefore the redeemed of God shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; an everlasting joy shall be upon their heads.” Isaiah 51:11

This is the time of the ingathering and the harvest. Those who have grown in Spirit throughout the course of the day are now blossoming and they are gathering together with like-minded people to allow miracles of healing and communication with God to occur.

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