What Is Psychic Development

Like anything else when you have a talent or gift you develop it to its full potential. The same is true for psychic development. In order to develop psychically you first have to accept that it exists. Everyday we tune into our psychic selves without even realizing. How many times a day do we have an inner voice that tells us what to do?

The first thing on the road to psychic development is to track our psychic awareness. We need to start paying attention to those everyday occurrences that we have up until now taken for granted. The more you are aware of these daily occurrences and feel comfortable with them, the more you will start your psychic development.

Pay attention to all the coincidences you experience and how they affect you. You can even write them down and the feelings you experience. Are there any patterns of similarity you experience with a coincidence? You may start to notice that the experiences you call coincidental may actually not be so at all. It may be your higher consciousness guiding you into or out of certain situations that before now you were conditioned to call coincidental. The same goes for hunches.

Do your hunches pan out as reality? They may actually be guidance from another element that you never considered. You may be subconsciously getting information from other realms or higher consciousness. Do you get urges out of no where to do things? This may also be from a higher guide as well. Listen to your inner voice. You will start to trust it to guide you and it will start to guide you more frequently.

One good tool for psychic development is visualization. If you are going to a new place or are about to meet new people try to visualize the meeting or place. See in your minds eye the people what they look like and what will happen. Most developed psychics can visually see a situation either in the past, present or future and relay the vision clearly.

There are also tests one can use to develop psychically. There are ESP, Telepathy and Mind Control tests you can take to gauge your psychic development. A person’s psychic development grows over time with use like anything else. Taking a test for one time does not complete the training of psychic development, which is an ongoing process.

For example one such test you can give your self for psychic development involves cards. All you need is a dark colored poster board. You are to cut 25 equal sized cards from the board. To the cards on one side, you attach the letters A, B, C, D and E. One letter goes on each card. So you end up with 5 cards of each letter.

Shuffle and place the cards face down on your left side. When ready concentrate and pick up the top card. Make sure you can’t see it. You can place it on your head or in front of you without seeing the Letter. Write down on a pad on the right side of you what the letter is. You do this for the whole set of cards. You can do this exercise with Letters, colors or symbols. When you finish the test, circle all the cards you got right. You should repeat the test before scoring your self between 5 to 10 runs at a sitting Scoring is as follows based on 5 runs which equals 125 cards: 25 right / chance, 36 right/ decent score, odds are 22 cards to 1 42 right/ excellent, odds are 260 cards to 1

Remember this is an ESP test; you may have other types of psychic abilities that this test doesn’t show. What this test does do is help with your psychic development by making you focus on an object to visualize it. As with all other skills that require training you have to be persistent and patient with all your psychic development.

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