Why Develop Your Connection To Source?

There are many reasons why I make connecting to source a priority in my life. I find that when I have a strong connection my life is so much easier, and I am so much happier. And I think those two are reason enough, but there’s more. Do you think you might benefit from some of these?

  • I feel more ‘in flow’
  • I feel like a truly know my purpose
  • I feel like the universe is conspiring to help me fulfil my purpose, or my destiny if you like.
  • I find that wonderful and meaningful coincidences occur.
  • I am more connected to my intuition
  • I can ‘manifest’ quickly and easily – although I am still working on this!
  • Things bother me less
  • I feel more calm and centred
  • I worry less about what people think of me
  • I don’t take on everyone else’s problems anymore
  • I feel supported, strong and part of a bigger picture

I could go on, but you get the picture. I find that nurturing my connection to source is essential to my life. I put it as a priority and apart from anything, if something shitty happens, which it sometimes does, I deal with it so much better.Additionally I find that with this connection to source comes the ability to see things more clearly, and from different perspectives. This helps me to react more appropriately than perhaps I might otherwise have done.

Three Major Bonuses Of Connection To Source

(As if the rest weren’t enough.)

If you’ve spent your life being spiritual and caring, and understanding other people’s perspectives, you may have found that you have frequently felt walked all over. I know I felt that I was for years. With a strong connection to source I realise that I don’t have to allow that to happen, that I am just as important as anyone else, and that I AM allowed to stand up for myself. This divine connection has really helped me to realise this, but also to implement it.

As a result of having a deep connection to source, I have also come to understand the benefits of abundance. I realise that it’s OK for me to value myself and the skills and have, and have learnt along the way. We are not required to be hermits, or poor, or silent, or struggling, or dependent on others just because we are spiritual. Equally we are here to enjoy life and the abundance that the universe provides. (I do acknowledge that money isn’t everything, which is why I haven’t used that word in this paragraph so far, and that there is a need for those who have more to help those who have less but that is a conversation for another time.)

Finally, and I feel the biggest bonus of have a strong connection to source, is the confidence I have in myself that I can do anything I wish. I can be confident in my own skin, and stand in my own power. While I still pursue knowledge, and skills and wisdom, I know that I am already enough. I know that I can make a difference in the world, or at least, in my little part of it.

Find Your Connection To Source

I actively encourage others to find their way to connect with source and begin to experience some of these wonderful benefits. It may not happen overnight, but given time and perspective, and a little silence away from the craziness of modern living and I believe you will start to see these things in your life too.

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