How Does One Contact Spirits?

So, how does one contact spirits anyway. Depending on our Spirituality and how we view things we might believe in contacting spirits. Usually those of us who believe that we can contact spirits also believe that there is life after death and there are other physical dimensions that we cannot see necessarily but that exist. Regardless of belief system the idea of contacting a spirit can be done with a person who is considered to be receptive to receiving that energy.

There are many methods to evoke contact with a spirit. It can be done on a one to one basis or within a group of people all wanting to evoke a particular spirit. Usually we want to contact spirits of departed souls we have some connection with whether we knew them in this life or not.

For example, a medium may have a spirit guide with whom she or he has contact with for information or reading purposes. Other mediums may contact spirits for other people. It may be a departed loved one that they wish to communicate with but need a person to do it for them. So they go to someone who can contact spirits, so they can make the contact for them.

The medium or person, who can contact spirits, usually focuses on the energy of making contact through meditation or a trancelike state that makes them receptive for the spirit to contact them. Sometime the spirit enters the medium and uses the mediums body to express them selves. Other contact spirits may talk or show them selves to only the medium who relays the information on to others.

It takes training to be a medium. You have to know how to prepare your body for the entrance of contact spirits. A medium is trained usually by another more experienced medium. The teacher guides them through the experience of contacting spirits until they are able to conduct the experience of spirit contact on their own. Some people are born with the gift of communication with spirits.

But even then they may go to another person who has experience to help them with their gift. Some people are frightened of their gift and it takes one who understands the spirit realm to explain this phenomenon to them so they will not be frightened.

Some cultures especially those of shamanistic belief systems; use the contact of spirits in their practices. Other cultures may find the idea of spiritual contact as evil, which frightens their parishioners into believing any contact with any spirit is bad.

Contact spirits usually make contact with us to help us. It is usually a family member or in the family lineage where contact spirits make their presence known. They may come to our aids when we are in danger or sick to save us from crossing over into their realm at that particular time. They may have information to give us that we need to help us in our lives on this plane. Some contact spirits know we miss them so much that they want us to know that they are all right where they are.

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